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Book Club 

Discussion Questions



Eliza refuses to marry Freddy Eynsford Hill – she wants to remain an independent woman and believes they are both too young. Have you felt pressured into marriage and/or do you agree with Eliza?


Clara invites her best friend Eliza to visit the House of Lucile for a wedding trousseau. Do you consider it fun or a chore?


Higgins is still as irascible as in Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, a confirmed bachelor, stubborn, opinionated – but did you notice any changes in his attitude toward Eliza or women in general over the course of the book?


Eliza’s cousin Jack Shaw, a Scotland Yard detective, is marrying Sybil Chase, suffragette! There were many clashes between the police and women in the suffrage movement at that time. Eliza and Sybil have attended many suffrage events for women’s right to vote. Have you ever joined a protest? Ever had to flee or been in danger?


Eliza and Higgins visit the dangerous East End to find a suspect. Have you ever found yourself in a spot of danger, and what steps did you take to return to relative safety?


Eliza is a bridesmaid for several weddings – what differences did you read about in Edwardian times compared to weddings of today?


Eliza and Higgins encounter a confusing maze – have you ever visited a maze in England? The U.S.? Did you find it fun or scary? Did you feel lost or confused?

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